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Monitor + Seasonal Terms for Mother's Day this year

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Mother's day is fast approaching on Sunday, May 8th, creating new opportunities for unauthorized publishers to illegally bid on your brands Trademark.

Holiday & Seasonal categories introduce new keywords and expand possibilities for unauthorized trademark bidders.

Seasonal Terms bidding periods affect the majority of retailers and are essential for merchants specific to the given seasonal category.

Unauthorized trademark bidders thrive during Holiday & Seasonal periods, simply because there are more keywords to bid on and much higher traffic to steal.

Consider that Mother’s Day drives higher google search volumes for terms such as "flowers", "chocolates", "jewelry", "accessories" etc.

Let's analyze some of those terms targeting big retailers:

1800 Flowers: Considering the seasonality & high amount of traffic for this brand, you can expect a significant increase in search volume for terms like

  • 1800 flowers mothers day
  • 1 800 flowers mother's day
  • 1800 flowers mothers day promotions
  • 1800 flowers mothers day coupons etc

A similar brand likely to be affected is Godiva, with Keywords like

  • Godiva mothers day offers
  • mothers day Godiva gifts
  • Godiva chocolate
  • Godiva gifts

Of course there’s fine jewelry like Tiffanys

  • Tiffany mothers day bracelets
  • Tiffany mothers day necklaces
  • Tiffany gifts for mom

Michael Kors is another brand we expect to be impacted

  • Michael Kors Mothers Day
  • Michaels Kors handbags
  • Michael Kors gifts for mom

As we get closer to Mother's Day, it is important to remind marketing and affiliate managers to pay close attention to their mother's day related terms.

The Evet Guard search monitoring tool is a wonderful resource to protect your trademark and during these seasonal periods.

With Evet you can easily modify your search terms to include seasonal & holiday terms in the keyword pool.

If you prefer to manually police the ad space, we recommend checking each individual term on desktop, mobile, tablet & across a wide variety of regions.

Don't forget, the closer we get to Mothers Day the more bidders you will see!

So take action now and protect your brands' Mothers Day Related terms from unauthorized trademark bidders.

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Evet Tech
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